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Cruises and gypsy festivals

Hi everyone! It's been a while since we updated the news section of this website, so here's what we're going to be up to in the coming months...

In October we're playing at the Akaroa French Festival, check out the Christchurch City Council website or Google the festival for more information.

In November we'll be jumping over the ditch for a little while to perform as part of the OzManouche Gypsy Jazz Festival in Brisbane, where we performed a few years ago. This year is headlined by Hank Marvin, so will be great to perform alongside him again (we opened for him on his last New Zealand tour).

Following that we're going to sea for a week to perform as a guest entertainer on a cruise ship. Hopefully the sea will be calm, the crowd la pomping and the beer flowing! We're taking the amazing Tim Sellars along with us for the ride too!

Cheers - R&B

Sat September 19th 2015

Welcome to the new website

We thought it was about time we spruced this puppy up a bit, welcome to the new site!

Fri January 10th 2014

Our lineup for the upcoming months

Coming up next month we're playing a show on Friday October 25th at The Boathouse, Nelson. We'll be joined by the super talented Tim Sellars, fresh back in New Zealand from the cruise ship circuit. This concert will showcase our new material, some of which is on Odd Times, Odd Places, and the stuff we've been working on with Tim and H Kaa over the last year or so.

Then on Saturday 26th Oct, we're heading up to Martinborough for the night to play a show for the Kokomai Creative Festival. We're dragging H along with us after his AHoriBuzz gig and no doubt a long night for all of us in Nelson!

Plans for the summer include working on our orchestral album, writing and arranging new songs and old - it's an all original album except for Made In France by Bireli Lagrene. If you saw us at The Jazz Verses, we played it there with the Christchurch Youth Orchestra!

January 2nd, 2014 takes us back to Nelson for the 2014 Nelson Jazz Festival were we're playing a show with the wonderful Fiona Pears. We'll also be hitting the road for a month in April with her and Arts on Tour, and chances are we'll be going somewhere near you - so keep an eye out!

Thu September 19th 2013

Odd Times, Odd Places

We are proud to announce that our new album Odd Times, Odd Places is ready and available! It's going to be online for digital download and physical purchase around the world soon, but if you live in New Zealand you can order it through our website on the Discography page.

The release party was last night and we would like to thank everyone who came along and made it such a special night! Big thanks to Fiona Pears, Tim Sellars, H Kaa, and Georgie & Nicole for doing the door!

During our successful tour with Fiona Pears last Summer, many people asked us if we had a record together. Perhaps at some point we will produce a whole one, but Odd Times, Odd Places gives us two tracks to present with Fiona to you - Django Reinhardt's quintessentially French "Nuages", and Chick Corea's "Spain".

Cheers, Robbie & Burke

Fri April 19th 2013